Your firm's strategy is the critical definition of how you will deploy your resources to achieve your objectives. But if you are like many, you probably have a good idea of where you want to go, while being unsure of how to get there. The development of a thoughtful strategy is the first, essential step on the path toward obtaining the results you desire.

Quarterra works with our clients to develop strategic solutions that are tailored, not only to the unique characteristics of an individual organization, but also to the sectors and geographies where they want to excel. Quarterra's strategic planning process balances short term objectives with long term goals to deliver solutions that are feasible, sustainable, and grounded in deep industry expertise.

Strategy projects are varied in focus and scope but some of the most common requests include:

  • INTERNATIONAL CORPORATE STRATEGY   Many companies have a international corporate strategy that is outdated, incohesive, or simply unrealistic. In some cases this comes from a history of acquisitions, or sometimes firms have tried to apply a successful domestic strategy to international operations with little success. Whatever the cause, Quarterra will assist your team to develop a bespoke international strategy for your situation.
  • GROWTH & EXPANSION STRATEGY   Some organizations know they want to grow abroad but are not sure how to get there. Quarterra can determine the risks and rewards of an acquisition, a local partnership, or a greenfield and help to plot the course for international expansion.
  • BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT PLANNING   Once abroad, firms often struggle with how to manage the business. Quarterra can provide guidance related to developing a sales and operations infrastructure that is grounded in the idiosyncracies unique to your company and geography.
  • INVESTMENT ANALYSIS   Quarterra is equipped to provide investment support including the calculation of key metrics and the preparation of investment briefs. Briefs may be for a single project or may make comparisons across industries or geographies.
  • RISK MAPPING & MITIGATION   Quarterra leverages their international experience to anticipate and evaluate the risks unique to each project as well as suggest mitigation strategies to overcome them.

This list is not exhaustive so don't hesitate to reach out if your needs aren't covered here. Whatever your challenge, Quarterra looks forward to leverage their unique sector and geographic expertise to help your organization succeed.