Agriculture is a unique industry that is blessed with exceedingly strong fundamentals. A growing global population will require more food, feed, and fiber. Dietary patterns will shift as urbanization continues and wealth distribution patterns evolve. Environmental pressures will become increasingly evident and impossible to ignore.

The challenge for global food and agriculture organizations is to develop strategies that allow them to succeed in this context. However, doing so requires a profound and nuanced understanding of these trends and their application to an individual firm's unique circumstances. 

Because Quarterra works exclusively with the food and agriculture industries they are on the cutting edge of strategic thinking in these dynamic sectors. Their extreme focus enables Quarterra to design solutions that are informed by an unviraled depth of knowledge. By having a physical location in Latin America, Quarterra is uniquely positioned to harness this region's potential for the success of their clients.

Quarterra's work has spanned many sectors, from row crops to permanent crops, from animal proteins to agricultural adjacencies. Quarterra is a thought leader in food and agriculture and regularly produces articles, interviews, and other forms of intellectual capital.