In addition to full service consulting offerings, Quarterra leverages its industry knowledge and unique geographic location to offer targeted market intelligence for those clients with a specific interest. Having 'boots on the ground' gives Quarterra a privileged view of market developments and has enabled the company to build a vast network of local industry players.

This exclusive market intelligence can be turned into an advantage for clients through the development of:

  • MARKET RESEARCH Highly individualized and tailored market research can give your firm a head start when it comes to understanding a unique sector or geography. Research is analyzed, summarized, and packaged according the the client's specific need.

  • COMPETITIVE ANALYSIS It is of critical importance to understand what your competitors across the globe are doing, even if you don't participate directly in there markets. Quarterra can provide exclusive competitive analysis to keep you and your team apprised of your competitor's developments.

  • SUSTAINED INTELLIGENCE If you require market intelligence on an ongoing basis, you may be interested in forming a sustained relationship that will involve regular check ins or reporting commensurate to the client's individual needs.



Quarterra is enthusiastic about filling gaps in market knowledge. One of the ways that Quarterra bridges these knowledge gaps is by producing regular reports targeted at specific industries. 

One example is our Latin America Dairy Market Update that is produced on a monthly basis and provides timely and relevant information about the regional dairy industry to stake holders. For more information about the report and to download a sample issue, please see the LADMU page

If you would like to see regular market information about another industry, please reach out and let us know. Quarterra takes this feedback under advisement while designing all knowledge products.