Quarterra's vision is to establish itself as the definitive resource on international agriculture and food strategy. This expertise is leveraged to enable other organizations and individuals in food and agricultural businesses to overcome the unique barriers that prevent them from achieving their global objectives.

Quarterra is wholly committed to doing business in a way that make the organization and its stakeholders proud. The firm's key values of Integrity, Quality, and Respect form the foundation of every action the company takes and every piece of material the company produces.

  • INTEGRITY   Quarterra pledges to exhibit unrivaled ethical fitness and always do the right thing – especially when no one is watching and especially when doing the right thing requires courage.
  • QUALITY   Quarterra believes anything worth doing is worth doing well. The firm demonstrates its commitment to clients by bringing a passion for high standards to every project and relationship, from the first contact to the final deliverable. 
  • RESPECT   Quarterra pledges to honor each of its clients, every market where it does business, and the planet at large.



Quarterra sets itself apart by maintaining a highly specialized industry focus. Because Quarterra focuses exclusively on the global food and agriculture industries, they are abreast of the latest industry happenings and are consistently working with cutting edge information and resources. 

Quarterra's credibility also stems from their unique, on the ground expertise. Drawing on prior, proprietary experience enables Quarterra to know exactly what is required to achieve success in the complex and dynamic global environment.



When a new client comes to Quarterra for assistance, they can rest assured that they will be led through a comprehensive process to help diagnose their unique situation and determine the best possible strategy and outcome.

  • COMPREHEND Our initial goal in any project is to clearly understand the client and their objectives. Through a series of interviews we aim to learn about an organization's values, competitive advantages, and potential vulnerabilities. 
  • RESEARCH  The purpose of this step is to gather data and information which is highly specific to the project and will inform the development of the strategic solutions. The actions taken during this step will vary greatly but will always prioritize client privacy and the protection of proprietary information. 
  • PRODUCE  Quarterra will then distill the information and insights gleaned from the research phase to determine the strategic recommendations. During this process expect to be fully engaged in collaborative communication to ensure full alignment with client expectations. 
  • SHARE  Once complete, the final product will be presented according to the agreement between the client and Quarterra and ownership rights of the work will be transferred to the client.



Quarterra is only satisfied once the client is satisfied. In the unlikely event that a clients expectations are not fulfilled, Quarterra will provide a full refund.