The world is changing rapidly. By 2050 the United Nations estimates that the world population will reach 9.6 billion people. As a result, over the next 35 years mankind must resolve how to feed an additional 2 billion mouths - all while under the constraints of fixed land area, an increasingly complex economic context, and mounting environmental pressures. 

Meanwhile, the rules of the game have shifted. Our world is more interconnected and interdependent than ever before. New technologies have opened the door for us to interact seamlessly with our global counterparts, creating new and exciting opportunities. It is no secret that cross border cooperation and investment will form the cornerstones of the future. Thinking globally has become more than just a slogan - it has become an imperative for success.

With these opportunities comes a new level of complexity. Rapidly evolving economic pressures are having a profound impact on market volatility. New initiatives must be viewed through a social lens which differs markedly from familiar norms. And political risk, if not properly managed, can threaten to unravel even the most solid business plan. As a result, even though the possibilities are obvious to many, few are able to successfully execute upon them. In many cases, inadequate information and a lack of in house knowledge often make these opportunities seem too daunting to even pursue.

The future belongs to those who can learn to flourish in this new context. Global strategies will need to reflect not only an organization's objectives, but also the intricacies of the market where they wish to do business. Business plans will now have to consider and address the challenges raised by both the market and non-market environment.

Quarterra was founded to help their clients overcome the challenges found in this new context. The firm leverages its extensive expertise to assist and enable the success of organizations and individuals engaged in global projects in the food and agriculture industries. Quarterra offers fully customized consulting and information services to help their clients unlock investments and projects that will ultimately be mutually beneficial for both the entities that execute them and the communities where they are implemented.

Quarterra believes that global sized challenges require global sized solutions. That the ability to thrive in today's world will be rooted in the ability to form functional, cross border partnerships that enable knowledge and resources to flow between geographies. And that in no industry will it be more crucial to get this connection right than in food and agriculture.